Occupational group life insurance, TGL

Everyone who works for a company that pays for ITP for its employees also has occupational group life insurance (TGL) that the employer pays for.

TGL provides your family with a tax-exempt lump sum payment if you should die before you retire.

Who gets the money?

TGL will be paid in order of priority to
1. spouse or registered partner
2. children, grandchildren
3. parents.

If you have children below the age of 20 when you die, a child supplement is also paid via your TGL.

If you wish to name another beneficiary, or if you want another order of priority, you can complete a special beneficiary provision .

The beneficiary you choose can be whoever you like. However, it must be an individual not an organisation, etc. If you are a cohabitant it is important that you complete a special beneficiary provision. A cohabitant will not automatically receive your TGL if you die. 

By completing a special beneficiary provision you can also divide the money between several people.

TGL ceases to apply on the day your employer no longer pays premiums or when you retire. If you continue to work after the age of 65, your TGL will cease when you reach 70.

How much will be paid?

The basic amount is SEK 273,000. This amount decreases after you reach the age of 55.