Family cover

Family cover is a compensation which goes to your family if you die before 65 years of age. The family cover is in force as long as premiums are paid, which means that the cover usually ceases if you are no longer an employee with ITP. The family cover is insured with Alecta. 

How much will my family receive?

You add family cover in the ITP 1- or ITPK choice (depending on whether you have ITP 1 or ITP 2 ). You should state how much money should be paid in the event of your death.

If you choose... ...your family will receive...  ...which is...
1 price base amount SEK 46,500 per year SEK 3,875 per month
2 price base amount  SEK 93,000 per year SEK 7,750 per month
3 price base amount SEK 139,500 per year SEK 11,625 per month
4 price base amount  SEK 186,000 per year  SEK 15,500 per month

You should also specify how long the family cover should be paid. You can choose 5, 10, 15 or 20 years.

Depending on what you choose and your age, family cover costs different amounts. The cost of family cover is deducted from the premium your employer pays for your ITPK pension. Please contact Collectum for more information about how much the family cover costs.

Who gets the money?

Pension is paid in order of priority to

  • spouse, registered partner or "sambo" (partner you live together with) 
  • children regardless of age

If you wish to name another beneficiary, complete the form Special beneficiary provision.

The beneficiaries you can choose aside from the people above are

  • previous spouse, cohabitant or registered partner
  • stepchildren or foster children.

By completing a special beneficiary provision you can also divide the money between several people.

If you are single and have no children

If you are single and have no children you have no reason to choose family cover. Then all your ITP money will be saved for your own future ITP or ITPK pension. You can add family cover whenever you want. You will then have to fill in a health declaration.