Waiver of family pension

Why should I stop future payments towards a family pension?

One reason for stopping could be that you do not have a beneficiary for your ITP family pension (see table below). Instead, you can strengthen payments to your complementary retirement pension ITPK.

You cannot transfer earlier payments towards the family pension to ITPK, this pension will remain with Alecta.

Do you have a "sambo"?

A "sambo" is a Swedish juridical term for a partner you live together with. If you need survivors’ cover that includes your "sambo" you can waive the family pension and instead let the money go to ITPK family cover. In some cases you may need to complete a health declaration.

ITP family pension ITPK family cover
  • Spouse, registered partner
  • Children below the age of 20.

If you should die before you retire, the money will be paid in order of priority to

  • spouse, registered partner or "sambo"
  • children regardless of age.
How long is the payment period? Surviving spouse, registered partner receives a family pension for life. Restrictions apply in the event of marriage/partnership close to retirement date. You choose the payment period - 5, 10, 15 or 20 years (although not longer than until the date you would have been 70).
How much will the beneficiary receive? The monthly amount is shown in your annual statement. Give us a call if you wish to know the monthly amount after cancellation. You choose between 1-4 price base amounts (inkomstbasbelopp) per year. Here you can see how much the monthly amount will be.
What premium is involved? For an average person approximately SEK 7,700 is paid per year for family pension. The premium for family cover varies depending on your age, the payment period and the amount you choose

Your waiver is permanent

A waiver applies until you retire and for all employments with ITP 2 you may have until then. This also applies even if your family situation changes in the future.