Family pension

If you have ITP 2 and earn more than SEK 39,590 per month you have a lifelong pension to survivors through your ITP occupational pension.

Your surviving spouse or registered partner will receive a pension for life if you

  • married before your 60th birthday
  • married after your 60th birthday and have been married for five years or have children together

Your children can also receive some of this pension until the month of their 20th birthday. Your "sambo" is not eligible for ITP’s family pension. (A sambo is a Swedish juridical term for a partner you live with.)

How much will your survivors receive?

The pension is based on

  • the salary you had when you died
  • the pension you had earned if you had stopped working before retirement or if you had already retired
  • whether your family includes children below the age of 20 at your death.

You can waive future payments

If you, for example, are not married or do not have children under 20 and therefore do not need family pension, you can waive future payments to your family pension, the payments will be transferred to your complementary retirement pension, ITPK – and to the insurance company you choose. Read more.