Procurement 2018

During the spring, Collectum procured new insurances for the occupational pension plan, ITP. At the request of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and PTK, we procure, every fifth year, new insurances in order to ensure that you receive as high an amount of pension benefits as possible.

Have you received a letter from us?

If this procurement impacts the selection of insurance you have currently in place, you received a letter at your home address in the beginning of July. If you have not made a selection to day, you will receive a reminder in September.

Do you have ITP 1?

See the letter and what you have to do
This is what you see when you log in to Mina sidor (“My pages”)

Do you have ITP 2 and ITPK?

See the letter and what you have to do

If you don’t take any action at all

If you take no action at all, future premium payments will be invested in the non-selection alternative. This is a traditional insurance in Alecta which is also one of the procured, selectable alternatives.

Call us if you have any questions

If you have any questions about the letter or how the procurement affects you, you are always welcome to call us.

If you have not received a letter

If the procurement does not impact the selection of insurance you currently have in place, you have not received a letter from us. Still, it is possible for everyone who has the occupational pension ITP to select the new insurances from 1 October.

If you have ITP 1 you log in through Mina sidor (“My pages”) and make your selection. If you have ITP 2 and ITPK, you make your selection via the new form which will be available at that time.